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Bubble Witch Saga


Q: What do I have to do to complete a level?
A: You need to achieve two goals:
1) Complete the level by clearing 9 holes in the ceiling before you run out of bubbles AND
2) Get at least a 1 star score by making as many bubbles as possible fall down on spiders and then into the cauldrons at the bottom. If you fail to achieve one of these two targets, you will fail the level. Give it another try!

Q: What do the spiders do?
A: The spiders are your friends! When falling bubbles bounce on spiders, the bubble's points increase. More spider bounces = more points! Blue spiders are the basic spiders. Yellow give double points. Green spiders are special, and will clone the falling bubble to create another bubble! You get spiders when you pop multiple bubbles in a row. You lose two spiders when you miss one shot.

Q: Why do you have lives in the game?
A: In Witch Country, players have 5 lives to start with. When failing a level, a player loses one life, but the life is replenished (for free!) after 30 minutes by the magic replenishing timer at the top of the screen. If you can't wait 30 minutes to get another life, you can also choose to buy a whole set of lives (5) or you can ask your friends to help you.

Q: How many levels are there?
A: More than 200!

Q: When are you adding new levels?
A: We try to make an update to the game every two weeks. Most of these updates will also include new levels, among other fun things!

Q: Is it possible to complete the game without buying Charms?
A: Yes! It's not only possible for a few, but very common! Most people who complete all the levels in the game have not bought any Charms at all.

Q: What is the maximum number of lives a player can have in Bubble Witch Saga?
A: You can have up to 11 lives if you own the Charm of Life and achieve at least 250 stars. A life will be added to your maximum number when you reach 90, 110 and 250 stars. Of course, you could choose to have infinite lives if you acquire the magical Charm of Immortality from Wilbur?s Shop.

Q: Will you post things to my Facebook wall or spam my friends?
A: We will never send any requests to your friends that you did not actively send yourself in the game. When you play Bubble Witch you automatically join what Facebook Calls "Open Graph". Open Graph is a social graph that generates events/actions when you perform certain tasks in games. These can be visible on your Timeline profile, and in some cases, show up in the Newsfeed.


Why do the Charms cost more than other things in the game?
A: Charms are permanent, meaning that once you buy them they are yours to keep forever. This also means that they can, in some cases, cost slightly more than things in games that you consume and have to buy over and over again. Revenue from in-game items like Charms are very important to us since they allow us to pay wages and continue developing the game: adding new levels, more features and making the game more fun in general.

Q: I purchased a Charm in the game. How do I use it?
A: The Charms are available inside the level game play, and you can access them by tapping the small triangle on the left side of the screen. When tapping the triangle, the Charm menu appears and you can activate your Charm by tapping it. Some Charms, like the Charm of Precision, are automatically activated when you enter a level.

Q: The Charm of Life promised me 3 more lives - how does it work?
A: Most players in Bubble Witch Saga have a max life of 5. The Charm of Life increases this maximum from 5 to 8, which means that the game will regenerate your lives up to 8 lives if every day. You will also get 8 lives if you buy a full life refill if you have the Charm of Life.


Q: What do I use the coins for?
A: Coins can be used for two things: (a) to buy Magic Potions before a level and (b) to pay off the Evil Spirits, so that you can proceed later in the game.

Q: What's a Magic Potion?
A: A Magic Potion is a consumable, magic drink that you can activate on the screen right before the game play. There are currently four Magic Potions in Bubble Witch Saga:

1) Golden Spiders (20 stars): Starts the level with 3 extra gold spiders and converts 3 blue spiders into gold at the end.
2) Extra Bubbles (50 stars): Gives you 7 extra bubbles in the next round of game play.
3) Extra Ceiling Holes (70 stars): To complete a level, you need to clear 9 holes in the ceiling. This potion clears 3 of these holes for you!
4) Rainbow Bubble (130 stars): Gives you a bubble in the game that can be any color you want it to be. Very powerful!

Magic Potions are activated before each game play.

Q: I have all four Magic Potions, but I can only activate 3 of them?
A: To activate all four Magic Potions at the same time, you need the Charm of Magic.

Q: How can I get more coins?
A: There are two ways to get coins in Bubble Witch Saga:
1) Every time you complete a level, you get FREE coins as a reward. Complete several levels to save up coins to buy Magic Potions!
2) If you're impatient, you can visit One-Eyed Wilbur's Shop by tapping the cat icon in the top left of the map screen. In the shop, you can buy new coins in various packages.

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